Automobile Tires

"...dealers get a sweet deal when buying in bulk, and they can pass those savings along to you." Consumer Reports, June 19, 2016

Not only does Mike Patton Auto Repair Centers service all makes and models of used and used cars, but we also sell tires at very competitive prices. Many folks have the misconception that it is cheaper to buy tires at an independent tire shop. This is most often not the case. But more importantly, Mike Patton Service Departments will make sure that you buy the BEST tires for your vehicle and your driving patterns and environmental conditions.

Also, you will typically get a better warranty at Mike Patton Auto Family service and tire centers. We have special relationships with tire manufacturers due to the volume of cars we service and the warranty we offer on our service repairs. When you consider buying tires in LaGrange, be sure to factor in the warranty - as you don't want to incur additional costs for your tires down the road.

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