Mike Patton Auto Teaches Students How to Do Their Banking

According to a Teens & Money Survey by Charles Schwab, teens today are significantly less educated on personal finance in comparison to teens in 2007. Many of today's teens do not understand how to write a check, balance a checkbook, and are less knowledgeable on how credit cards and interest rates work.

At Mike Patton Auto Family, we believe it's our responsibility to educate the youth of today for a brighter tomorrow. Since 2012, Mike Patton Auto Family has sponsored How to Do Your Banking, which is a financial literacy program created by Cemark, Inc. This intuitive course provides local educators with the proper tools to bolster financial literacy among teens. 

How to Do Your Banking was first published in 1941 in Richmond, Virginia by the retired marketing director of First & Merchants National Bank. This bank would later become Bank of America. Today, this comprehensive curriculum is one of the oldest financial literacy supplement programs for students in the nation. 

Mike Patton Auto Family is proud to sponsor this program and impact the lives of thousands of students in LaGrange and Troup County. Continue reading to learn more about Mike Patton Auto Family and How to Do Your Banking.

Mike Patton Auto Family Sponsoring Financial Literacy Since 2012

By making an investment in the future of our community, Mike Patton Auto Family provides the course literature and material for several schools across the area. We originally started off by sponsoring three schools during the 2012-2013 school year, including: 
  • Callaway High School
  • LaGrange High School 
  • Troup County High School 
We are exceedingly proud of the success of the program. At the same time, parents, teachers, and students love How to Do Your Banking. Since we have started back in 2012, the results have been impressive: 
  1. 2012-2013 School Year: 325 Students Impacted
  2. 2013-2014 School Year: 640 Students Impacted 
  3. 2014-2015 School Year: 410 Students Impacted 
  4. 2015-2016 School Year: 300 Students Impacted
Due to the overwhelming success of the program, we have added the THINC College & Career Academy for the 2016 - 2017 school year and are on track to enroll 400 students. Since Mike Patton Auto Family has been sponsoring this program in Troup County, we have improved the financial literacy of 2,075 students in 5 years.

Banking on the Future of Our Community Through Financial Education

By sponsoring How to Do Your Banking, we are preparing our young people to live independently. We believe if we help them learn sound money habits, it will pay large dividends for them and the LaGrange community in the end. 

Students gain this knowledge through online videos, role-play simulations, student workbooks, facsimile documents, and CD exercises. Some of the most popular subjects covered in How to Do your Banking include: 
  • The importance of saving
  • Basic investments
  • How to navigate online banking, ATMs, and online bill pay
  • How to write a check
  • How to reconcile an account
  • The value of good credit
  • How to determine their own capacity to repay and borrow
  • Steps toward building good credit
  • Identity theft and how to avoid it

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Mike Patton Auto Family has always maintained a strong commitment to the future of LaGrange and Troup County. In addition to our financial literacy program, we are also engaged in the community in several other ways. For instance, each Saturday we host a car wash with local Boy Scouts, youth groups, vacation bible school youths. During the car wash, our goal is to teach our youth the value of hard work, work ethic, and how to strive to achieve their goals. 

When you support Mike Patton Auto Family, you support your community. Contact Mike Patton Auto Family today to learn more about the How to Do Your Banking program or to make an investment into your community by purchasing a new, used, or Certified Pre-Owned vehicle from our family dealership. 

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