Vehicle Maintenance

Why Auto Maintenance Is So Important

Purchasing a vehicle is the second largest purchase decision that most people will ever make - outside of buying a home. Maintaining your vehicle is no different than maintaining your home. Vehicle maintenance is the best investment a new car owner can make. Failing to keep up on your car's maintenance intervals can lead to very costly repairs, a risk of voiding the manufacturer's warranty, safety issues, drive-ability, and performance issues - and general comfort in your car. Whether you live in Columbus, LaGrange, or Newnan - bring your vehicle in to a Mike Patton Service Center for regular maintenance.

Regular Maintenance of Your Car

No one likes to have car trouble. Breaking down on the side of the road is not only terribly frustrating and inconvenient, but it's outright dangerous and costly. Having your car checked regularly by a LaGrange Certified Technician at one of Mike Patton Auto Family's Service Centers is necessary to help prevent the possibility of your being stuck in a bad situation. Car maintenance can include everything from general multi-point or safety inspections, to basic maintenance, to an overhaul.

Several types of preventative maintenance can keep your car running at its best. Your engine should be checked regularly - because it is essentially the heart of your vehicle. You need to get your car transmission checked, your brakes checked, and have your brake fluid topped-off. Your auto AC provides comfort while you are driving. But a poorly functioning AC unit can make your drive miserable, in the midst of summer.